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American Angler 32350DS

On some accounts, the American Angler model is similar to the Rapala HDEFAC we were mentioning earlier on. For instance, this unit features the same amount of 110 Volt power so that the filleting is both consistent and smooth. That’s what we’re all looking for when trying to fillet a fish, isn’t it?

The difference between these two alternatives is that this one features an ergonomic design so that the fatigue felt by the user is as little as possible. Of course, using an electric alternative is considerably more comfortable compared to any manual option, but not all electric models are created the same. This one stands aside from the plethora of cheap models that often times fail to raise up to par.

It’s capable of tremendous performance and gets the job done in a timely fashion, allowing you and your family to enjoy a healthy meal prepared with the fish you’ve caught as quickly as possible. Plus, the neat thing about this model is that it comes with its own carrying bag so that you can store it and carry the knife around depending on your purpose and occasional needs. Most of the reviews we’ve analyzed speak highly of the way the American Angler unit manages to perform, regardless of the thickness of the fish.