Late for Fishing


Gone Fishing 25-YD601

It sometimes boils down to the cost of your fishing knife. As such, if you aren’t prepared to make an investment and break the bank in order to get a high-end alternative, perhaps you’re better of with the Gone Fishing model.

We couldn’t help noticing that this unit costs less than ten dollars, depending on the online retailer you will choose for your purchase. This model features a narrow and flexible blade that allows users to control it as best as possible thanks to the excellently designed handle.

While it might look somewhat traditional compared to the other units we’ve showcased earlier on, this one definitely does the trick if you’re looking for an entirely capable fishing knife that gets the job done and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

The size of the handle and the fact that it has been constructed with the user in mind make it worth considering if you’re still in the market for a fishing fillet knife. Since the blade of the Gone Fishing 25-YD601 measures 7.375 inches, it can be utilized for completing a variety of activities involving medium-sized fish. Many of the individuals that wrote reviews about this product claim that both the handle and the blade are well-made but the item has to be operated attentively so that users avoid cutting themselves.