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Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon lines are made from a single strand of polyvinylidene fluoride, and they are very thin and hard to spot. That is the reason why they are used in clear water fishing.

Furthermore, fluorocarbon lines don’t stretch line mono lines, and they are much stronger. Fly fishing anglers widely use these lines because of their strength and thinness. They are excellent for baits and floating lures, but they don’t work so good with spinning reels.

Don’t let the higher price send you away because these lines are worth buying, especially if you are fishing for trout that are easily scared. The downside to fluorocarbon lines is the fact that they break easier than other types of lines. They also sink quickly which means that they are not so good for trolling or baitcasting. But if you want to go fly fishing, this is the type of line you need.

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