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Buying guide – Best knife while fishing

Choosing the right knives used while fishing

The best fishing pocket knife is hard to find these days. One has to go through a lot of trouble in order to pick the right unit for one’s needs. Some users prefer a multi-tool, whereas others know exactly what they have in mind and perhaps want to go for a fishing bait knife. If you’re feeling a bit puzzled about the entire decision-making process, have a look at the following tips and tricks we’ve put together for your consideration.


Not only is the size of the pocket knife important depending on your purpose and activity you have in mind, but you also ought to be aware of the fact that the local legislation of some states prohibit users from carrying around pocket knives of which the dimensions exceed a limitation. For instance, in Chicago, you’re forbidden from carrying around fishing pocket knives of which the blade is longer than 2.5 inches. Look for information online before ordering a model that may prove to be unusable, in the end.


Single-blade, multi-blade, or multi-tool

A Swiss Army knife fishing tool is a net winner when it comes to convenience. You’ll be able to do all sorts of things thanks to this kind of model. From carving a piece of wood to skinning an animal or cutting your line, you name it; all of these can be achieved with the help of a multi-tool. However, we’ve seen that their efficiency is somewhat limited as they’re typically smaller compared to single or multi-blade alternatives. Furthermore, since they have more parts, they might be less durable or strong and last for a lower amount of time compared to the units we’ve mentioned above. Even so, having a Swiss Army knife at hand is a good idea for when you can’t know what task you might feel like using it for.

Single-blade and multi-blade options are characterized by simplicity. The shape and sizes vary depending on the preferences of the buyer, but the fact of the matter remains that these units are better at doing their job compared to their complex multi-purpose counterparts. In many cases, they’re far better built and more sturdy, in spite of the fact that they somewhat lack variety. Many come with their own sheath and carrying bag, which is why they’re perfectly safe to carry around in one’s pocket.


Blade material and blade size

Stainless steel is the norm when it comes to blade material and that’s mainly due to the fact that no other material can be compared with it in terms of resistance to corrosion and durability. As such, we recommend getting a pocket knife with a blade made of steel regardless of what other people might try to tell you.

As for the size, you need to consider what you have in mind. If you’re looking for a dependable option that you can utilize just for cutting line, perhaps you’d be interested in purchasing a 2-inch single-blade alternative. By contrast, if you plan to use your knife for cutting through the fish you catch while on the boat or while relaxing with your friends on the shore, perhaps you’d be better off with a 6 or 7-inch option.

Fishing knife types

Selecting the best fishing knife for your purpose doesn’t have to be a process that you loathe. If you have enough patience to check what others have to say about the model you’re considering, you have a high chance of making the right call. Now you know what to look for so that you pick the right product to suit your preferences.

Bait knives

Rapala RSB4

The Rapala RSB4 is an affordable alternative that has people raving about the benefits it offers all thanks to its amazing features. This is a 4-inch stainless steel model that does what it’s supposed to do without forcing users to go through a lot of trouble.

The serrated upper blade, the grip handle, as well as the finger guard seem to be among the most critically acclaimed characteristics of this unit. What’s more, an easy clean open sheath is provided in the package, which makes it possible for owners to carry the knife around without worrying they’ll hurt their fingers or other fishing accessories.

When it comes to brand and item recognition, almost no other model can be compared to the Rapala RSB4 as it has garnered some of the best reviews in the line. Various individuals claim that the product met and exceeded their expectations as it’s sharp and sturdy and its serrated edge makes cutting through bait as easy as possible. Other buyers have spoken highly about the reasonable price of this alternative, considering that most online retailers sell it for as little as nine dollars. This detail is what makes it the top choice for beginners and rookies looking for a cheap bait knife.